Learning the Art of Isomalt Sugar Decorating

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Hey guys, I just wanted to give you a heads up on some great Free info today. On November 19th we are having a Cake Class on Isomalt Sugar with guest instructor, Peggy Tucker. She knows a ton about working with sugar, and in our class she will teach you sugar, pouring, casting, and basic pulling techniques plus a whole bunch of other things as well,…..all the details of the class are on our Classes Schedule, if you want to take you skills to the next level this is the class for you. Now here is the Free part. Peggy just did an interview on “CakeFu Master Series” ( Susan did one of these earlier this year on extreme cake infrastructure) and right now you can go and watch it and learn about Peggy and how she creates some of her amazing Sugar Art…….so go take a look and start learning………….here is the link to her interview…..Cakefu Master Series Remember seating will be limited in this class so sign up as soon as you can……….Pete

Cake baking tips from the cake cottage.

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In case you did not get this months Newsletter I have am posting the tips section for you to check out. If you are not getting our Newsletters just  sign up in the box on the right,  then you too can get all of our tips and tricks, special promotions, and see what we are up to each month to help you with all your cake decorating needs…..Pete

To make your cakes better, here are a few tips on Baking your Cakes…….this month, Rose Everett, from our shop, is going to give you a few tips on measuring your ingredients.

Helpful Baking Tips

By Rose Everett


When some people bake they seem to be able to just toss a few things together and achieve wonderful results. This is a skill they developed over many years of baking. However, it does not take having a special gift or a magic touch to bake in the kitchen. The real secret is practice, practice and more practice. So today I am going to give you a few tips on how to correctly measure your ingredients so your baking products turn out just right.


How to measure your ingredients.

Accurate measuring is crucial to successful baking. To properly measure, you need three types of measuring tools: clear glass or plastic cup with a spout for wet ingredients, cups in graduated sizes for dry ingredients and a set of measuring spoons. Most American baking recipes measure ingredients by volume, not weight; for example, a recipe will call for 1 cup sugar instead of 8 ounces sugar. If you become truly passionate about baking, consider investing in a scale, as it really is the most accurate way to measure.


Measure the quantities correctly: This is a baking must! Improper measuring of dry and liquid ingredients is one of the most common mistakes in baking. You can use the best ingredients in the world, but if you do not measure correctly, the recipe will not come out properly.

To measure liquids: Set the cup on the counter, bend at the knees so you are at eye-level with the lines on the cup and pour the ingredient right up to the line indicating the amount needed. If you don’t have the lines at eye-level you will not get an accurate amount of liquid in your cup.

To measure dry ingredients: Spoon your flour or other dry ingredient into the appropriately-sized measuring cup, 1/4 cup, ½ cup/ etc…. filling it generously above the rim of the cup. Then, run the back of a knife over the edge to sweep the excess back into the container.

A couple of things to avoid:

Don’t dip a measuring cup into a bag or container of flour; this packs the flour in the cup and adds more flour to the recipe, resulting in dry and dense cakes.

Resist tapping the cup on the counter – the flour settles and you will have more than needed

Never use eating utensils as measuring spoons; they are not correct and may affect the result of your baking;

Do not “Eyeball” any ingredients in baking. Baking is a science and it requires accurate measurements to ensure that you products will turn out right every time.

Never measure over the mixing bowl containing the other ingredients. You may accidentally tip the measuring device or over pour the ingredients and excess ingredients would fall into the mixture. This could ruin the whole batch, depending on the ingredient and how much was spilled.

Cultivate the do-it-right attitude and habit.

Remember: If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right!

Baking demands accuracy and care. Because each ingredient in baking results in a particular action or reaction that’s critical to the recipe’s success, one misstep could mean the difference between baked goods people pass on, to those people can’t pass up.

Once again remember – Skill and confidence come with practice.

Happy Baking,



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Cake Decorating with Air brushing class and Gelatin Flowers class

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Hey guys, Chef Laure’l Silverberg is coming to the Cake Cottage again..YEAH !! She is Amazing….she will be teaching Air Brushing Saturday August 27th and Gelatin Flowers on the 28th. She does not come out very often so you guys really need to jump on this before her classes fill up. Just give us a call here at the shop to sign up, 951-600-4773.  Her are some details about the classes.

Basic Airbrush Class
Saturday, August 27th
Guest Instructor: Chef Laure’l Silverberg

All Levels
Plus Supplies


This class will teach the following: Mechanics of the Airbrush itself (students must bring a single-action Airbrush and compressor). Color blending & shading. Creating & using stencils. Combining techniques & skills to create an elegant & romantic French Tulle designed cake, matching cookies and chocolates. Professional looking work in half the time. (*Due to Guest Instructor there is NO refunds or cancellations once you are registered for this class.)

Gelatin Flower techniques
Sunday, August 28th
Guest Instructor: Chef Laure’l Silverberg
Register By Date: August 20th
Location: The Cake Cottage, Murrieta, California

All Levels
All Supplies Included

Gelatin flowers have been around for quite awhile. They were a novel technique we enjoyed making as children, but were never delicate enough to use in serious decorating applications. new materials and practices helped refine the technique to its current state. Chef Laurel’s work and innovations in this sugar art form were featured in American Cake Decorating Magazine in July and again in September of 2008. This hands on class will teach the students how to create beautiful flowers using both wired and unwired techniques. Students will complete a stunning two tone rose with bud and leaf sprays using the wired method. ATiger Lily will be created using the unwired method. Chef will also guide the students in handpainting the Lily to create the beautiful natural patterns unique to this exotic flower. Students can create as many flowers as time will permit. These flowers can be used on cakes, cupcakes and gift accents as well. This is a very low stress and fun class. All supplies will be provided by instructor. Prepare to be entertained and instructed by this upbeat Chef and decorator. (*Due to Guest Instructor there is NO refunds or cancellations once you are registered for this class.)




Cake decorating and modeling chocolate

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Hey guys,

For all of you that are heading to ICES next week Susan has just picked up a Demo spot and will be showing her latest creation…..her Vacationing Shark…….just in time for shark week…..lol………in this Demo she will  be using modeling chocolate, rice cereal treats, royal icing, flower cutters, stiching wheel, crimpers chocolate molds and sugar sand………Wow….that is alot of items in one cake but he really turns out great. Not to mention all the infrastructure as well to hold the shark up……anyway…..this was just added on the ICES website so sign up for a fun and unique Demo.

Just when you thought it was safe to decorate again !


New Cupcake Flavor and New Cake Decorating Classes

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that Susan has made up lots of cake and cookie samples for her classes so that you can see what amazing things you will be learning and making in her upcoming decorating classes, so check out the classes page on our website to see what’s new.

We also have a New Cupcake Flavor to Announce…………STRAWBERRY !!!

A Marvelous Strawberry Cupcake with Strawberry Buttercream Icing Or Strawberry Cream Cheese Icing
All Topped Off With A Chocolate Strawberry Garnish

Next week SPECIAL

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Check out our Promotions page for Specials next week

Get in Fondant 1 Cake Decorating Class NOW, or miss out !

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Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that if you are planning on taking Susan’s fondant 1 cake decorating class you should sign up for the up coming class starting on Tuesday may 24th……because after this class ends, Susan will not be teaching it again until sometime in AUGUST due to her travel schedule, and you need this class to take all the intermediate classes….and there are some great ones coming up this summer. So sign up for Fondant 1 cake decorating class now before it is booked up and you miss out..Pete

What happens in Vegas STAYS IN VEGAS !

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Just a heads up about Susan’s Cake Decorating Classes at Cake Camp in Las Vegas.Susan will not be teaching her classes in Vegas and then be teaching them here at the The Cake Cottage later. The Vegas Cake Decorating Classes are ONLY FOR VEGAS. Susan is making them special, so if think you can just take her Vegas classes later at her shop…FORGET IT..you will be out of luck…and from what I have seen so far..the LasVegas Cake Decorating Classes are going to rock…Just so you know..Pete

Cake decorating classes….prep…

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Hey guys, well today Susan has locked herself in the classroom so she won’t be disturbed by us while she works on her samples for Cake Camp !!!! She has ordered some custom copper cookie cutters that she is working with for her cookie class at camp. I just peeked in on her and saw some samples…..they really look great…but she ran me off before I could get any pics for you all……so I got one of her working away…..she was yelling something about ..don’t put my pic on facebook…but, what are brothers for…lol…..Pete

Mothers Day Cupcakes at The Cake Cottage

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WARNING….WARNING…….Don’t forget…..this Sunday May 8th is MOTHERS DAY !!!!…..and in case you don’t have time to make your mom a sweet treat then Susan Carberry here at The Cake Cottage has you covered…….This is the Mothers Day Cupcake that we will be selling in the shop Starting tomorrow……So come get yours and make your Mom very Happy…………Pete
P.S. I guess you could even tell her you made it yourself, as long as she doesn’t read our facebook page, or go to our web site…LOL

Mothers Day Cupcakes at The Cake Cottage

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