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Cup Cakes

All Cupcakes Are Jumbo Size
Banana Cup Cake   Vanilla Chocolate Cup Cake   Vanilla Cup Cake   Chocolate Cup Cake
Banana Nut
Banana flavored cake with walnuts, topped with vanilla buttercream.

Vanilla - Chocolate
Vanilla cake topped with a tantilizing chocolate buttercream.
Vanilla -Vanilla
Vanilla cake topped with a delightful vanilla buttercream.
Chocolate - Vanilla
Scrumptious chocolate cake topped with vanilla buttercream
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cake   Chocolate Chocolate Cup Cake   Black Forest Cup Cake   Kahlua & Cream Cup Cake
Chocolate - Peanut Butter
Chocolate cake with peanut butter chunks, topped with peanut butter frosting.

Chocolate - Chocolate
Delicious chocolate cake, topped with our creamy chocolate  buttercream.

Black Forest
Chocolate cake with cherry filling, topped with a non-dairy whipped cream, shaved chocolate and a cherry.
Kahlua & Cream “Cheese”
Kahlua flavored chocolate cake, topped with a mouth watering kahlua flavored cream cheese icing.
Red Velvet Cup Cake   Carrot Cup Cake   Pina Colada Cup Cake   coconut Cup Cake
Red Velvet
A true from scratch red velvet cake topped with a delicious cream cheese frosting.
Fresh spiced cake with grated carrots, topped with our divine cream cheese icing.

Key Lime
Graham Cracker crust, Key Lime cake with Key Lime filling. Buttercream rim with toasted meringue, Key Lime chocolate and Graham Cracker crumbs.


Coconut - Coconut - Coconut
The "Ultimate" cream cake with real coconut, topped with our vanilla buttercream and
toasted coconut

hocolate Raspberry   Carmel Apple Cup Cake   Lemon Cup Cake   German Chocolate Cup Cake
Chocolate Raspberry
Chocolate cake with a delicate raspberry filling, swirled with a light chocolate mousse and dipped in a dark chocolate truffle.
Caramel Apple
Heavenly cream cake with apple filling, topped with mouthwatering caramel buttercream, cinnamon crumble and drizzled with silky caramel.
Lemon Filled
Vanilla cake with an enticing lemon filling, swirled with a lemon mousse and dipped in a white chocolate truffle.
German Chocolate $4.50
A light flavored chocolate cake with baked in coconut and pecans, topped with a traditional german chocolate icing.
Pina Colada Cup Cake   Pina Colada Cup Cake   Pina Colada Cup Cake  
Pina Colada
Scrumptious coconut cake filled with a zesty pineapple and topped with rum buttercream, coconut and a licorice straw

Grahm cracker crust chocolate cake, buttercream icing with marshmallow interior, graham cracker edging, chunks of chocolate.



White Chocolate Raspberry
Graham Cracker crust, White Cake with White Chocolate Chips and Raspbery Sauce. Cream Cheese Frosting with Raspberry Sauce and White Chocolate Curls.

Pina Colada Cup Cake   Pina Colada Cup Cake  


Allergy Note: all cupcakes may contain nut, dairy and egg products



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